Further Updates for Annual General Meeting 2020 on 20 April 2020

The Company refers to:

  • the Notice of Annual General Meeting issued on 3 April 2020 (the “AGM Notice”) to convene the 7th Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) of the Company to be held on 20 April 2020 at 6pm; and
  • Updates For Annual General Meeting 2020 on 20 April 2020” which was posted on the Company’s website on 3 April 2020 (the “3 April 2020 Update”).

In view of the “circuit breaker” measures (elevated safe distancing measures and closure of workplace premises) announced by the Government on 3 April 2020 to curb the increasing local transmissions of Covid-19, the Company wishes to inform shareholders that the physical AGM will no longer be held at RELC International Hotel, 30 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258352.

Instead, the AGM will be conducted wholly by way of video-conferencing, and shareholders who wish to vote at the AGM can now email the proxy forms to proxyform@talkmed.com.sg. This is in line with the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 that provides for, among others, alternative arrangements to hold a meeting or class of meetings where personal attendance is provided for in any written law or legal instrument, including for meeting proceedings to take place wholly by electronic communication, video conferencing or other electronic means. Shareholders are reminded to submit their proxy forms in advance and appoint the “Chairman of the Meeting” as their proxy.

Shareholders are reminded not to turn up at RELC International Hotel.

Lastly, shareholders should also note that the Company may be required to make further changes to the arrangements set out above as well as in the AGM Notice and the 3 April 2020 Update as the situation evolves. You are advised to regularly check the Company’s website (https://www.talkmed.com.sg/category/shareholder-meetings/) for further updates until the date of the AGM.